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With more than four decades of expertise as a skilled herbalist, Jean Dansereau is committed to providing guidance that enhances your vitality and substantially betters your general health.

I experienced a traumatic illness at a very young age while I was residing in an orphanage. The experience impelled me to make the conscious decision to never be sick again and lead me on my journey of preventative health. I started in Martial Arts at the age 15 so that I could develop a sense of discipline and a greater level of confidence within myself. Although I earned my black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, I never felt energized from it. I was always feeling very fatigued and learned that I may be genetically predisposed to diabetes. This planted the foundational seeds for learning the synergistic relationship between food and blood sugars. While working at G.N.C. (General Nutrition Centre) in Montreal, Quebec I realized that many people appreciated the benefits of nutritional supplementation but were not sure on what direction to take with them. I then challenged myself to become a Master Herbalist through the 3-year program at the Canadian Association of Phytotherapy. In 1982 I began studies at the Kushi Institute in Boston, Massachusetts where I delved into the fundamentals of T.C.M (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the 5 Elements of healing and Facial Diagnosis, and became accredited as a graduate teacher advisor. It was at the Kushi Institute that I connected with John Heinerman, a Medical Anthropologist and biochemist, who I collaborated with in developing a line of Herbal supplements. In August of 1986 I was invited to lecture in Edmonton, AB on Herbs and TCM. I eventually ended up making Edmonton my home and pioneered the launch of The Inch Loss Clinic that focused on maintaining healthy blood sugar balances through food choices and dropping inches versus numbers on the scale. My passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine was reignited during the pivotal period of the birth of my first son in 1992 who was diagnosed as legally blind in one irregularly shaped eye. Doctors advised that he required corrective eye surgery every 2 years due to the muscle weakness in it and it was quite disheartening. While trying to soothe my son one evening at 2:00 am, I remembered in a flash that his liver condition was connected to his eye health. Within days and weeks of administering a blend of botanical herbs, his eye improved in colour and began tracking and moving like his healthy eye. The knowledge of T.C.M. helped me save my son from endless surgeries and further suffering. In 2002 I opened the storefront, Healthy Solutions, in downtown St. Albert, Alberta where I have established over 20 years of meaningful relationships within the community and a large referral-based support system through effective healing and personalized coaching. I am a proud father of two adult sons, have a black belt in karate and Tae-Kwon-Do, have read well over 2000 books, completed over 65,000 health consultations and I have not been ill again since the age of 8 years old. Now, with over 40 years of experience as a Master Herbalist, as The Herb Coach, I am extending my reach on-line to enhance more lives using T.C.M. with the finest herbal and nutritional supplements available and products that improve the external toxic footprint on our homes, our bodies, and our planet. Take advantage of a personal consultation and join the thousands who are becoming empowered with a new understanding of what our bodies are really communicating to us.

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Jean Dansereau

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About The Herb Coach

About Jean Dansereau, The Herb Coach

About The Herb Coach

With more than 40 years of expertise as a Master Herbalist, I am deeply committed to enhancing the well-being of each of my clients. Leveraging the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and utilizing only the finest herbal supplements, my goal is to effect meaningful, positive change in the lives of those I serve.

Nurture a balanced weight by engaging in conscious dietary habits and lifestyle decisions. This approach fosters self-assurance and enhances overall physical well-being, creating a positive cycle of health and confidence in one's daily life.


Attain a harmonious balance in both body and mind by mastering the art of juggling work, leisure, and personal development. This approach fosters a well-rounded life where each aspect complements the other, leading to a state of overall well-being and fulfillment.


Elevate your physical energy and increase your mental sharpness, crucial for effortlessly managing everyday hurdles with energy and passion. This holistic improvement in both body and mind equips you to navigate the day's demands with a renewed sense of vitality and eagerness.


Uncover the rejuvenating effects of restful sleep, a key factor in achieving mental sharpness, emotional stability, and physical revitalization. This vital aspect of health plays a crucial role in renewing your overall well-being, allowing you to face each day with renewed energy and balance.


Enhance your muscular strength, increase your flexibility, and boost your stamina through customized fitness routines. This personalized approach to exercise empowers you to become a more robust and healthier version of yourself, fostering both physical and mental well-being.


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