5 Elements of Health 🌿


We live in an age where everything in life runs on energy. Ironically the most important thing requiring energy, our minds, bodies, spirit, at times feel depleted and exhausted of the trū ENERGY needed to get us through the day.


Stress is part of life, we all experience it. Most are aware that there is good stress and bad stress. That’s why we need it to be healthy, manageable and of the right kind in order to achieve trū BALANCE.


Ah, the Battle of the Bulge as it is commonly known because it is a common struggle with so many. Is weight loss really all about counting calories and exercising?


Misconceptions abound when it comes to fitness. For example many flock to fitness clubs thinking that fitness is all about exercise. Yet if exercise is the value we give to our muscles, then what do we give our muscles to support that goal? 


The quality of your waking hours are predetermined by your sleep. Have you ever wondered why your eyes are tired in the morning? What would it take for you to start your day feeling great? Great questions, right?

The Herb Coach 🌿


With all of the supplements and Herbs in today’s market, it can be beyond confusing to find the proper products, let alone effective ones. Let The Herb Coach help you through this process Read more...


(Coming Soon) Book your spot with The Herb Coach on our convenient easy to use video and telephone conferencing platform! Our integrated scheduling system makes it a breeze to book your time with Jean from almost anywhere.


Meet the The Herb coach at available retail locations around the Edmonton area. Jean has been known to travel to all different kinds of events and frequents Healthy Solutions retail store in St Albert. Stop in sometime and say hi.


Have a group event? Guess what, The Herb Coach loves to go on location and bring his knowledge with him. Learn from Jean, a Master Herbalist of 40+ years, as he spreads his knowledge and answers your inquiries/question in small groups of up to 20 people. . Contact us here

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  • ⭐️ Cheryl Bell ⭐️

    Jean Dansereau's knowledge of how the body works and how it tells us that it needs help is truly amazing. Things that never meant anything to me like skin color, texture even wrinkles are like a road map of health to Jean. Jean was able to diagnose and treat knee pain I was having simply by looking at exterior symptoms.

  • ⭐️ Aman Bains ⭐️

    I have known Jean since June 2018, and have been consistent client until the present day. Jean took the time to listen to and understand my issues and is always looking at ways in which he can improve himself in order to help me. Jean is the reason I am feeling as great as I am today and I would urge anyone who has any health related issues, to strongly consider booking a consultation with Jean

  • ⭐️ Maggie ⭐️

    I've been working with Jean for approx. 6 months now and he's helped me with the following things to just name a few: 1. Energy - I've seen a 50% increase in my energy levels at min. 2 - Digestion (I have celiac disease and have had issues for many years). 3 - Liver function which has helped me in my ability to sleep and energy. Thanks so much Jean

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