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Why do I wake up feeling stiff in the morning?

Nothing predetermines how our day is going to be than the quality of our sleep. Unfortunately, merely laying down to sleep for eight hours doesn’t always guarantee you’ll feel refreshed in the morning. If you swapped out your pillows so many times for the next best one, I’m here to share with you that your stiff neck and muscles that greet you in the a.m. is directly related to a nutritional deficiency.

The perfect pillow or mattress, although important, is only a fraction of the answer you are looking for.

Just like taking multi-vitamins in the morning to prevent deficiencies from occurring, there is something you can take before bed to prevent you from feeling stiff in the morning. Instead of just going to sleep and hoping to feel rested, why not nourish your body and make a difference in how you feel when you get up in the morning.

Jean Dansereau – The Herb Coach with over 40 years as a Master Herbalist, I have helped thousands of clients achieve optimum health using herbal remedies and T.C.M.

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