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Why do I crave or like sugar so much?

Sugar, sugar and more sugar; it’s all around us! Sugar is one of the strongest food addictions we have and no surprise when you consider that just about everything we eat has some form of sugar in it. Aside from the negative impact sugar can have on us, the important question is why do we crave sugar so much?

Like all foods we eat, the goal is to generate energy for ourselves. Sugar as a fuel affects our blood sugars very quickly and in turn our energy levels. So, in reverse, our energy levels are consistently driven by our blood sugars and our blood sugars are greatly impacted by the food we choose to eat and even more so by foods with high sugar content. Like all cravings that we experience it’s one thing when you can control it yourself but quite another thing altogether when the cravings control you! To address this issue I need to find out WHEN you crave sugar? Do you crave it after lunch, mid-afternoon, after supper or all day? Like all things when you crave something strongly this usually indicates a deficiency in another area.

Jean Dansereau – The Herb Coach with over 40 years as a Master Herbalist, I have helped thousands of clients achieve optimum health using herbal remedies and T.C.M.

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