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My journey into health started at the young age of 15 when I took a keen interest in nutrition and made my first steps into Martial Arts. By 1978, I was given the opportunity to work with G.N.C (General Nutrition Centre) in Montreal, Quebec. Here I was able to learn first-hand the Health benefits of Vitamins and Herbal Supplements. By 1979, I had made the decision to commit myself to the pursuit of learning everything possible about preventative and natural ways to heal ourselves. Later that Fall, I enrolled in the Canadian School of Phytotherapy with the intention of becoming a Master Herbalist. After graduating in 1982, I relocated to Boston, Massachusetts and began my studies of T.C.M (Traditional Chinese Medicine). During my tenure in Boston, I would learn the fundamentals of the 5 Elements of T.C.M , the Ying & Yang principles, Shiatsu Massage, Facial Diagnosis and Macrobiotic Medicine. After graduating, I returned back home to Montreal, where I developed and manufactured my own line of natural Herbal supplements.

In 1986, I transitioned to a new chapter of my life and headed West where I was one of the earliest to launch a weight loss clinic in my new-found home of Edmonton, Alberta. With the success of the clinic, my family and I became deeply immersed in the pursuit of developing a new line of Herbal products to better
serve and assist our customers with their fitness and wellness. As our family grew, we arrived at the decision to make the Edmonton area our new permanent home, where my family still resides to this day in the friendly community of St.Albert. The welcoming spirit of the people and the city made it an easy decision for my family and I to become part of the community. Transitioning away from the weight loss clinic, I discovered the next venture that would guide me to where I am today. With my expertise in Herbal Supplements and Natural Health I decided to open a new Health store by the name of Healthy Solutions in St. Albert. A big part of our success stems from the personalized Health Coaching I offer as The Herb Coach. This personalized coaching and support system encourages my clients to move beyond just managing their symptoms on their way to reclaiming their truest expression of Health.

With over 40 yearsÔÇÖ experience as a Master Herbalist, my motivation is to make a┬ápositive difference in the lives of all my clients using T.C.M and the finest Herbal┬áSupplements available. ┬áI encourage you to take advantage of a Free 20 Minute Consultation as a first step on your journey towards better Health! I have helped thousands of clients throughout my career, let me empower you with a new understanding of your body.┬á


Jean Dansereau - Master Herbalist 

D.A.C.P., Graduate of the Kushi Institute C.A.C.

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